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Heathrow Commercial Telecoms Annual Event 2018

Date and Time 
08:30am – 12:30pm
Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Park Inn by Radisson, Discovery Suite
London Heathrow Bath Road,
Sipson UB7 0DU

Heathrow Commercial Telecoms deliver a comprehensive range of products and services aligned to customers’ business needs. Over the last years Commercial Telecoms has been working tirelessly to introduce new products to suit your business needs at Heathrow and deliver a high level of service. We have added a number of products and services to our portfolio; in particular, we have expanded our Broadband offer, added new features to IP Telephony, added SKY TV to our IPTV service and launched Wi-Fi On the Move and Co-location in 2017.

This year, our focus is to enhance the existing products and services and extend our reach across the Heathrow estate. We have faith that you can benefit from our efforts to keep both your staff and customers satisfied.

For our event this year we have planned a well-rounded agenda which includes interesting customer cases and industry insights.

We hope you enjoy the day.

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